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Possehl Electronics
intends to continue to maintain a leading position as a global, provider of high-quality, high-precision Interconnect materials to the semiconductor and electronics industry.

Possehl Electronics offers a spectrum of product solutions and technology support. Our Company will continue to tailor resources and investments to growth segments with design and manufacturing competencies globally linked with partners in the supply chain, thus, ensuring proximity and value to the markets.

The Semiconductor Leadframe Business Group offers a diversified and technology-distinct product range for ICs (integrated circuits), Discrete and Power leadframes.

The Connector Services Group offers selective plating and highly specialized stamping technologies to the Electronics industry.

The Smartcard Group offers Interconnects to the Financial/Banking Security, ID and Transportation / Communications industries.

Possehl Electronics provides services to the following industries:
• Automotive
• Communications
• Computers
• Datacommunications
• Instruments
• Medical
• Military/Aerospace
• Telecommunications
• Financial/Banking Security



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